Why Consider Online Music Lessons During COVID-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately, it has been a strange year for all the wrong reasons in 2020. Due to the global pandemic, normal life seems a long way away. Even as the threat of COVID-19 reduces, it doesn’t look as though life will return to normal any time soon. With this, here are some of the reasons why you should consider online music lessons during the pandemic. 

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No In-Person Lessons 

For some time, all in-person music lessons have been canceled or restricted. For those who can offer their services, prices have increased because they have been forced into taking fewer students. As mentioned in the introduction, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight with cases increasing once again in Europe and problems continuing in the United States.

With online lessons, you get to progress with your instrument (or start learning a new instrument) in the comfort and safety of your own home. It could be a while before physical lessons resume, so online music lessons could be a great alternative for now. 

More Options 

When taking lessons with a music teacher in person, one of the biggest problems is that you’re restricted to the teachers who operate in your area. With online music lessons, you can choose a tutor of your choice because the location doesn’t matter. In the past, lots of students have found a better tutor online because they can be located anywhere in the US. 


We understand, there are lots of people who want to limit their contact with others at this difficult time. We should note that most music teachers are taking brilliant steps to ensure the safety of all students. For example, The Note Room Academy of Music and Arts is operating both offline and in-person. With the latter, everybody must wear a mask and wash their hands before the lesson starts. 

If you still aren’t confident, an online music lesson gets you playing without having to come into contact with others. 


During this difficult time, you may have lost work or had hours reduced. Either way, online music lessons are a great way to save money. Generally speaking, online music teachers charge less money because they don’t have to pay to rent a space and get to this space (both teacher and student can remain at home). Also, you don’t have to spend on gas or transport to get to the lesson. 


With an in-person lesson, you need to think about getting ready to go out, the commute, the lesson, the commute back, and more. Often, a one-hour lesson can take two or more hours out of a day. With an online lesson, it’s less stressful because you can sit at the dining room table or on the sofa. 

New Student? Lots of Benefits to Learning an Instrument

What if you’re a new student? Well, there are lots of benefits to learning an instrument during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • It’s fun to learn an instrument and play for others during the pandemic (you could brighten the days of loved ones) 
  • You could learn with others and build a closer bond 
  • Playing an instrument can reduce stress while improving resilience and patience 
  • It will help to appreciate music more because you understand the intricacies behind certain songs 
  • Playing an instrument engages different parts of the brain and can keep you mentally sharp 
  • Learning could help with memory capability and time management skills 

With the right online teacher, you can enjoy all these benefits without even leaving the house!